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Spice Tour 

7 days/week

Variety is the spice of life

WOW invites you on an inspiring walk through a local spice farm. 

Zanzibar, also referred as "The Spice Island", in history one of the world's largest producers of spices.

On this tour you will be introduced into the island's culinary richness, and all Zanzibar's famous spices and herbs.

Taste delicious tropical fruits, discover different spices with all your senses, like vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon,... and many more.

The "WOW" Special edition extends this Tour, and gives you the opportunity to cook a traditional meal together with a local family. 

They will pass all their knowledge of local cuisine to you and explain how they use all their famous spices and herbs. 

Cook on a self-built fire, use traditional tools, and become a part of the traditional lifestyle.

Duration of Spice Tour  1/2 day , can be extended with 

WOW tradidional cooking 

Prison island or Stone Town. 

Prison island + Stone Town full day  (incl lunch)

How to Book ? 

WOW is very flexible and you can enjoy the tours & excursions every day of the week.

To prepare your Tours & Excursions the best way, contact us at least 1 days in advance to make all necessary arrangements, so that we can offer the high quality WOW stands for.

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