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Scubadiving Trips
Diving excursions

7 days/week

Experience the underwater world, and dive into happiness

WOW invites you for a dive.  The ocean around Zanzibar is very rich and offers wonderful places.
After a diving class, which needs to be followed for safety reasons, and which you have to pass, you are ready to join and explore all undersea secrets around Zanzibar. 

This is really the most stunning way to discover the magical underwater world deep in the crystal clear waters.
All diving equipment is very professional and in line with all safety regulations.  You do not go alone, you are always accompanied by a team of experienced and professional divers. 

Duration of Diving excursions 
Single dive 1/2 Day

Double Dive full Day (incl lunch)

How to Book ? 

WOW is very flexible and you can enjoy the tours & excursions every day of the week.

To prepare your Tours & Excursions the best way, contact us at least 1 days in advance to make all necessary arrangements, so that we can offer the high quality WOW stands for.

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