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 Jozani Forest

7 days/week 

To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles

On this tour WOW takes you into the wonders of nature  "Jozani Forest".
This is the one and only National Park in Zanzibar.
Jozani Forest is famous for ​its unique resident "The Red Colobus Monkey", it is the only place left on earth where you can observe them in their natural habitat.

We'll use the wooden walkway straight to the middle of the Forest, the park ranger will share his knowledge of medical plants and trees, and all information which makes Jozani Forest a special place to visit. Discover the mangroves, tropical butterflies, birds, and all other wonders you can admire  in Jozani Forest.

Duration of Josani Forest Tour is about 2 hours, can be extended with
Butterfly center
Rock restaurant

How to Book ? 

WOW is very flexible and you can enjoy the tours & excursions every day of the week.

To prepare your Tours & Excursions the best way, contact us at least 1 days in advance to make all necessary arrangements, so that we can offer the high quality WOW stands for.

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