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 Nakupenda Tour

7 days/week

The translation of "Nakupenda" is "I love you", 

On this Tour WOW takes you to the most idyllic place "Nakupenda", a beautiful sandbank located just outside of Stone Town. We continue our boat trip and go to "Nakupenda", a thin strip of sand that arises out of the turquoise clear waters. At this gorgeous place we prepare a great Seafood BBQ Lunch for you, including delicious lobster, fish, prawns, calamari,... . This is your time to enjoy, relax, swim, and make your dreams come true.

WOW Special edition: All Nakupenda tour highlights combined with a visit to  Prison Island. The island with a very rich and unique history, discover all "must see places" of Prison Island including a unique visit to the giant turtles which live on the island.

Duration  of Nakupenda tour, and WOW special Nakupenda edition are full day tours. 

How to Book ? 

WOW is very flexible and you can enjoy the tours & excursions every day of the week.

To prepare your Tours & Excursions the best way, contact us at least 1 days in advance to make all necessarry arrangements, so that we can offer the high quality WOW stands for.

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