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Prison Island Tour

7 days/week

Discover history and walk between giant turtles 

On this tour WOW takes you to the tropical Changuu Island, now better known as "Prison Island".

The island will surprise you as of the first minute you arrive. 

Prison Island has a fascinating history, like a never used prison.

There are so many surprising stories to tell about all changes which took place here.

You will discover many surprises, one of them will surely be the giant turtles which inhabit this paradise island.

Some of them are more than 160 years old. Take a walk between the turtles, touch and feed them and enjoy this very unique experience. 

Duration of Prison island tour 1/2 day , can be extended with 

Spice Island or Stone Town 

Spice Island + Stone Town full day (incl lunch)

How to Book ? 

WOW is very flexible and you can enjoy the tours & excursions every day of the week.

To prepare your Tours & Excursions the best way, contact us at least 1 days in advance to make all necessary arrangements, so that we can offer the high quality WOW stands for.

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